Sunday, April 8, 2012

meet 402.

the best room in the jc. these are my roommates. megan, jen, and erin. they are the cutest people in the world. some nights we save all our american food and take our beds off their frames and push our mattresses together and make a mega-bed and then stuff our faces. and then in the morning we have a dance party to jb, miley, t swizzle, rent, and wicked. true story, i've never really liked sharing a room. but these girls changed my mind. we're a party. and it actually breaks my heart at the thought of not waking up to them in a few weeks. good thing we're not leaving.


  1. Cute girls! Enjoy your last few weeks! What a great semester you have had!

  2. Sam, you make my heart smile...
    Sister Ludlow