Tuesday, May 11, 2010

you know you're graduating when...

you cry watching high school musical 3. if only zac efron was speaking at our graduation..

thinking, drinking, sinking feeling.

best song ever. marleice and michael sang this at their schools cabaret and i have been obsessed ever since.


yes thats right. i am a state champion. well more the lassiter gymnastics team is, but regardless. aubrey, chesa, and i all joined dive this year as a way to get state rings. well, we didnt make it to state for dive, but we did make it to state for gymnastics and we won!! it was an unforgettable experience. this year, for the first time ever, we got to ride to state in a limo.

we got out of school at 12 o'clock and rode around for a good 4 hours. it was great. we stopped for lunch in centennial olympic park and played in the fountains and just were our ridiculous selves. being gymnasts, you can't really take us anywhere.

we made quite the entrance, especially when the limo broke down on the way into westminster.
we started off on beam where everyone fell. we beat up on ourselves a bit and everyone's spirit was a little down. we had a pretty solid floor, but we still didnt think it was enough to cover beam. then on vault we had a few pretty bad falls and we'd almost given up hope. but we made it to bars and candace, nina, and chesa kicked butt! chesa ended up getting 1st and nina 2nd! we were really nervous and didnt ask about anyone else's scores or tell anyone what we'd gotten. we wanted it to be a surprise, and oh my it was.

yes, we were crying.


my bar champion.

you girls are the best team i could have ever asked for. thank you for giving me the season of my dreams. i love you all so so much.

seven years later.

i know it has been forever and i apologize. however, hopefully my copious amount of blogging today will help make up for lost time.

for spring break, i went to hawaii to see my beautiful best friend amy hanson.

she introduced me to the wonderful world that is laie. we rode the bus, maybe a few too many times, enjoyed loads of unhealthy food, most of which was purchased at the lovely tamuras, biked on over to the school, and most importantly surfed and surfed and surfed. it was a wonderful week and regardless of the 11 hour plane ride,  i would go back in a heartbeat.

we went to a surf competition. pretty cool.

and saw a homeless man who lives on the beach and searches for sea shells with his teddy bears. not such a bad life.

saw the temple in laie. gorgeous. 

amy's roommate, kelsey, and i successfully opened up a coconut. mind you it took us about an hour, all of our strength, and we may or may not have broken a wooden spoon in the process. 

i learned how to surf and went whenever we could. one time we even saw a sea turtle while paddling through the ocean. that experience literally made my life. 

thank you so much miss amo. i cannot wait to go back next year!