Saturday, April 7, 2012

fish are friends, not food.

last monday we went snorkeling in the red sea! although it was a four hour bus ride both there and another four hours back (filled with lots of singing and dancing to "boyfriend" and "call me maybe"), it was totally worth it. the sun was shining, the water was beautiful, and the fish were happy. i saw the prettiest, most colorful fish, a baby stingray, and watched my friend, courtney, chase an eel, get an octopus to wrap it's tentacles around a rock, and receive the repercussions of flicking a sea urchin. snorkeling is my favorite. fish are the happiest, cutest little guys in the world. (i will call you squishy.) and even though we were literally swimming in a jelly fish farm (as spongebob would say), all was well because apparently they don't sting in the red sea. such a fantastic day chilling on the beach of the red sea. and the really nice one-piece tan line has begun. happy summer everyone!

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