Thursday, April 12, 2012

happy easter!

happy easter! ending holy week at the garden tomb was by far my favorite experience in the holy land. we all woke up and left the center by 5:15am to make it to the sunrise, "son rise,"service at the garden tomb. the service was different from anything i would have expected, but it was a really moving experience to read and reflect upon Jesus' resurrection while sitting directly in front of the tomb. it's definitely an easter i will never forget.

since we were up and out in the city so early, we had to wander around and wait for things to open. being the first day of passover, the western wall was filled with people worshipping and celebrating bar mitzvah's. i have never seen it so full and lively. and since time is running short, hannah and i finally put our prayers in the western wall.

logan, megan, jen, jon, and i did the ramparts walk, which is the walk around the old city on top of the city walls. it had amazing views of the old city and west jerusalem, and despite megan's fear of stickers, it was a good time.

throughout the day, there were processions going through the old city celebrating easter and Jesus' life. bands marching and bagpipes playing (just like your graduation kelli!). we ended the day with an egg decorating/bashing tournament in the center. everyone named their eggs and then rolled them against each other. whichever egg cracked first lost. there was a bracket and everything. and the finalist ended up battling with a dance off.

it is so fun to be in a place where everyone focuses on the true meaning of easter all day long. and luckily the easter bunny even brought some reeses eggs (thanks mommy!) i will always cherish this easter and the opportunity i had to spend it at the garden tomb.


  1. SAMMY i have that dress. where did you get it from? i'm dying you look better than ever. i love you.


  2. Meliss, I was just going to ask about the dress too! Is it yours or borrowed Sammy? Because it's adorable.

  3. wow, so many comments on the dress. it's jen's. just some good ol' roomie sharing. i needed an easter dress. but now that i know how much everyone loves it, maybe i'll invest. you are too kind to me. im in love with you both.

  4. add me to the list. i'm obsessed with that dress. I need it. no really, i NEED it. let's go shopping when you get back. love you.