Sunday, February 22, 2009

I gave in..

I decided that since I only read my sisters blogs and no one else my age has a blog, I will create a blog for my sisters. The main purpose of this completely pointless website is of course to waste time, but it is also to share the funny things that happen in my life. Because we all know I forget about a day later and since I maybe speak with my sisters once a week, this way you can all enjoy the humourous, often times stupid, things I do. Now this will not be a "Kristan" blog where I update three times a day and "spice up" what is actually happening in my life so my friends think im clever and witty and want to be me. Nor will it be a "Shannan" blog where I only update every six weeks, because lets be honest, I love wasting time. It will be a blog that only informs you of things that made me die laughing, so hopefully they will make you laugh as well. If they dont, then Im sorry for not being the "funniest blogger in the history of bloggers" and stop reading. Now to begin. I will share with you my Friday night.

As I was walking through the mall, I was texting. Its a shock to us all I know. This indian, no not native american but actually probably from india, man who is probably in his early 30s and working at one of those cell phone booths, stops me in my tracks and asks me if I would like to update my phone. Naturally, I stop. He starts telling me how I have beautiful eyes and that my "son", aka brenner (who is the backround on my phone), is very cute. I proceed to tell him he is my cousin, and the man asks me what if I work or if I am a student. I tell him Im a student but I am actually trying to make a movie with my friend so I need to get going. He inquires of me whether I will actually be in the movie, because I have such a symmetric face that I really should be. I blush, and laugh it off only to continue to tell him that he will see me in a movie one day. Next thing I know he says, and I quote, "You should take me out to dinner sometime." I think..uh old, ugly, creeper with poofy hair and a gray snaggle tooth. Because I am hesitant he says, "I mean I should take you out to dinner sometime. Tonight maybe?" At this point I am thinking, how on earth does this man not know I am 17? And didn't I just tell him that I was in a rush trying to go see a movie with a friend? Well the only words I could get to come out of my mouth were "Haha, uh..I think that's illegal." And I turn and walk away. 

Possibly 3 hours later, Amy and I have decided to skip the movie and redbox one instead. The only redbox around is by Walmart and naturally we cannot just go to the redbox, we must walk around the entire store. Well, we stop in the actual movie section and notice the 5 dollar movie bin. Now, normally this been is filled with terrible movies, such as AirBud 329, When the Cat Jumped in the Pantry, and Gay and gayer, that are not even worth $5; however, this weekend it was full of jackpot movies, such as How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, School of Rock, and When Harry Met Sally. Well Amy and I are so excited about this find that we begin to really look through this bin. We proceed to get down on all fours and crawl around the bin. Amy finds one she wants that happens to be in the middle of the stack, and so in an effort to get it for her, we get up and begin digging. (Picture a dog.) We have movies stacked on movies shoved underneath our arms and up to our chests that we are just so excited about finding. Suddenly I realize what we must look like. Drop all the movies back into the bin and start laughing so hard im crying.  Amy realizes as well and falls to the ground with laughter. Needless to say, we were a little ashamed of ourselves and walked out of the store with nothing..not even the redbox movie we went in for. 

And finally, you think you're life sucks. Please enjoy the miserable stories of those around you to make you feel better about the things that happen to you. (Please remember that anyone can post on this site so there are quite a few people that need a reality check on what actually sucks, but for the most part, you will get a kick out of other peoples pain, no pun intended.)