Friday, August 5, 2011

sisterhood of the traveling pants.

remember how i said my summer's been really hard?
well by that i mean--traveling is EXHAUSTING.
packing. driving. unpacking. flying. driving. packing. flying. unpacking.
it's hard work i tell ya. 
seriously though, this has quite possibly been the best summer of my life.
only maybe a little too short. that and i only traveled in the u.s. (i know, feel bad for me.)
but honestly. 
california. utah. home. hilton head. california. d.c. philadelphia. 

i've always known i was a homebody, but oh my--i never want to leave.
i have it good
i came home to these beauties and nothing had changed.
we literally spent our first night together laughing for hours about absolutely nothing. 
it helps that we think we're hilarious.
i am so lucky to have such incredible friends.

hilton head. 

our annual family vacation spot. 
yes candice, there are islands on the east coast.
and this one holds a special place in my heart. 
this year you could say the dynamic was different, but that doesn't change our routine.

wake up. put on sunscreen (for those that wear it). on the beach by 9am. 30 minute lunch/diet coke refill break at 1pm. return to chairs til 4pm (or for the professionals, 5pm). shower. dinner. m&ms and movie. bed. wake up. REPEAT.
worshiping the sun is a full time job in our family. 
that and downing diet coke. 

my bestie came along for the adventure again this year.
and i could not have been happier
we celebrated our 3 year aniversary.
real romantic. 
i love this girl. she's has the answers to all my problems.
always has. 


miss melanie left the two of us this summer for this little thing that i suppose is kind of cool.
so you think you can dance.

annalise and i booked our flight and hopped on a plane.
made the trek cross country and landed in LA
it was seriously the experience of a lifetime.
seeing the show live.
being 5 feet away from cat deeley and neil patrick harris.
that and seeing my best friend having the time of her life.
i don't think i'll ever get over 40 year old ladies asking for a picture with mitch, her boyfriend,
or the flaming sales guy at nordstrom creepily taking a picture of her from across the store,
or the not-so-cute hairdresser offering to do her hair.
we kind of felt like her entourage.
it was hilarious. who would have thought? she's famous
i am so so so proud of her.
but to be perfectly honest, i'm ready to have my best friend back. 
(sorry im selfish)

we came home and annalise's family surprised us by picking us up from the airport in a limo. 
marina insisted on treating us like the movie stars we are.
is it wrong that i feel as much a part of her family as my own?

washington d.c.

when i heard ms. britney spears was releasing a new album i was elated.
finally. i was adamant about making it to this tour.
when i was 8 years old my best friend got tickets for us to go 
 &my evil parents refused to allow me to go with her.
now was my time. 
conveniently, my beautiful sissyter decided we should make a sisters trip of it.
however, brit's tour stopped in both atlanta and d.c. on sundays.
so we resorted to philadelphia.

i flew into d.c. and we played in her city for a the day. 
and so begun our weekend of treats.
i finally had my first sprinkles cupcake.

(pumpkin and chocolate marshmallow. mmm.)
we hit up serendipity.
&ate more cookies than i can count. 
(thank you kind amish people of philly.) 
oh my, kelli treats me right.

i'd never been to philadelphia
&as i liked to tell my father,
 this trip was about learning the history of our fine country.
we visited the liberty bell.
ran around like ben gates in national treasure.

&pretended to be rocky.
(he was a founding father right?)
so what. my family is a little movie obsessed.

but the real reason for the vacation was
 nicki minaj
whom kelli had no idea existed.
&honestly i think was a little mortified by her backup dancers haha.
 &the woman herself,
i'd waited my whole life for this.
&she sure didn't disappoint.

i fell in love with the northeast all over again.
my desire to live in d.c. or nyc has been reborn.

the ancient roman architecture.

the green-ness.

the history.

the city.

i love it. all of it.
vacations. friends. family.
it has certainly been an eventful summer.
&i'm not ready for it to end.
nope, NOT ready at all.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

playing mom.

oops. it's been a while. 

well i've had a real hard summer. and by that i mean....i am ridiculously blessed.

my summer "job" has consisted of watching my cousins two kids on an almost daily basis.
this little face wakes me up every morning. 

our days usually go like this:
breakfast. reading time. get ready for the pool. qt. pool. lunch. movie.

its been really hard on me.
i think i can be quoted saying,
"this is the hardest part of my day" while putting sunscreen on them.

but i continue to suffer for a good cause: my skin.
really. i am quite pale. you should see me. 

today, however, i decided to switch up the routine a bit.
so we crafted.

we melted some crayons.
&created silhouettes.

 i love this picture.

don't let them fool you.
they're only angels for about 5 minutes out of the day.

yup, that's more like it. 

 the finished products. 

they were supposed to be just silhouettes, 
but they were adamant about having their picture on there too. 
then they found the whole thing hilarious because it looked like they were "kissing themselves."

my little munchkins.

they wanted a "family portrait" with sparticus.

ah these two have been too much. 
from calling me "mommy" in public
to "let's have a naked dance party"
to peeing in the front yard, (yes...that happened)
parenting is quite the adventure.
&one i am no where near ready for yet.

thank you summer "job" for being my personal form of birth control.