Monday, September 21, 2009

Welcome to Atlanta.

After pretty much crying my whole way home from school for fear that i was going to hydroplane or that someone was going to hit me, this is what I came home too:

Goodbye putting green. Goodbye hours spent laboring over this backyard. Goodbye fire pit and all the chairs that went around it. Goodbye swings. Hello.. raging river.

It has literally not stopped raining for the past week and it is expected to continue raining this whole week. You better believe I'm not going to school tomorrow if this keeps up. I will NOT drive in flooded streets EVER again.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

love me some good drama.

So I love awards shows. I love looking at beautiful celebrities and wishing I could be famous. But tonight really topped it off by adding some wonderful drama (:

After this Kanye was escorted off the premises, he performance was cancelled, and all awards that were going to go to him went to the runner up instead. What an idiot. To top it off, Beyonce won Best Music Video of the Year and she let Taylor finish her acceptance speech. Classy Lady.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

kids say the darndest things.

Today my mother and i had to pick up these two little girls to come to church with us because the rest of their family was sick. During sacrament meeting one of the sister missionaries got up to bear her testimony and the 4 year old Eliza tapped me on the shoulder.

Eliza: "Did we get her now?"
Me: "Yep, it looks like she's new."
Eliza: "So does that mean we dont have Sister Chipman anymore?"
I turned to my mother and asked if that was the one she replaced and she said yes.
Me: "I guess not :("
Eliza: "So did we sell her for the new one?"

hahahaha. i died laughing. right there in the middle of the meeting. yup folks, it looks like missionaries are actually slaves. My mom went on to tell the entire ward including the bishop who thought it was equally hysterical. Why can't I sit next to a 4 year old every sunday?

Saturday, September 5, 2009


As i am crawling into bed i realized what i had eaten today. I thought about middle school health class when you have to bring in a list of everything you ate for three days and then chart it on the food pyramid and how well..i wouldve completely failed today had that been my assignment. Then i thought it would make for a funny blog, so here you have it.

breakfast- icee pops and a quadrulple stuffed oreo.

lunch- great american cookie

dinner- chips and queso

dessert- chocolate covered cinnamon bears

There you have it my friends. The secret to my success. If I could imagine a perfect world..this would be what i would eat every single day. maybe if everyone ate this way the world would be a happier, more peaceful place. Sound advice straight from the mouth of Samantha Brooks. Take it to heart.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

want a good laugh?

please visit or just youtube it.

here are some of my favorites (:

1. he can actually bike that fast..thats incredible!!
2. the fact that he made it through those semi's alive should be awesome enough for the police to let him off for whatever he's being charged with.

i had to watch it twice, but really..that would be a moment for the history books.

in the words of kristan: "mo-ron"


dont worry that its not in english..just keep watching.

and this is where it all began. you can thank kristen bell for the loads of entertainment i have enjoyed today switching from video to video. i hope you find as much joy in this one and the many others as i do.