Monday, February 22, 2010


this year, much like my lovely sister kristan, i decided to try something new--dive team. it was a lot of fun, but i also came to realize something. i hate being wet. it makes you cold and your skin dries out and then you have to shower because of the chlorine, and well..we all know how i feel about showering. but, im glad i did it, because i learned a lot and it was a way fun experience.

too bad the dive girls didn't make it to state or we would've gotten the rings we joined for, haha.

valentine's day.

i hate the holiday, but i loved the movie. the taylor team was by far my favorite. and the connections between each one of the characters reminded me of how amazing directors really are. then i found out some news about julia roberts. In the total six minutes she appeared in the movie, she made $3 million dollars, which is $500,000 a minute, or $8,333 per second. why wouldn't I want to be an actress?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

see you in two years boys.

who would have ever thought my friends would be old enough to be going on missions? so crazy. but i honestly could not be more excited for them! they are awesome boys and they will be AWESOME missionaries. i am so proud of them and i absolutely cannot wait to hear all about their missions.

Robby Walton--Sao Paulo, Brazil Mission: Portugese speaking
Ryan Walton--Joao Pessoa, Brazil Mission: Portugese speaking

Justin Molinaro--Los Angeles, California Mission: Spanish speaking

Bennett Nichols--Monterrey, Mexico East Mission: Spanish speaking

i love you boys and i will miss you all so so much.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

the great wall of chocolate.

I love chinese food, and I LOVE chocolate cake. Therefore, PF Changs=one of my all time favorite restaurants. For my 18th birthday, I went there with some of my friends, and my addiction to the Great Wall of Chocolate continues.

I love my friends, chocolate cake, and birthdays! (:

ice ice baby.

Yay for Georgia weather and not having any equiptment to clear the roads! We got our 3rd day of school off this year, because of icy roads and not even an inch of snow. (the first two days we got off were because of ridiculous amounts of rain) Even though it wasn't possible to make it to school, i made it over to Annalise's house and we spent the entire day sledding, "ice skating," and sliding down the ice covered streets. It was a great way to start 2010.