Saturday, September 24, 2011

welcome back.

oh hey provo.
nice to see you again.
it's good to be back. 
it's different. a tad odd.
but im happy
 i've been living in the library.
trying to be studious.
& pretending like im smart. 

 going to dessert parties galore.
& living off of chocolate chip cookie dough.
oh, and yogurtland.
im not mad about it.
 playing with my sisters. 
probably more often than they would like.
sorry for being the fourth roommate cais.
being reunited with my besties.
& playing flag football & intramural soccer (question mark).
mommy & daddy come out next weekend (mmm sugar cookies)
& kelli smelly is coming out in a month and we get to go see mel on tour.
fall semester is being good to me.
i think i like this set up.

bloody ell, harry.

remember how i blogged because i thought my summer travels had ended?
i have the greatest parents in the world,
(aka they get bored when they have nothing to do, so they take me places)
and the weekend before i came back to school we rode the hogwarts express to the
wizarding world of harry potter.

 defense against the dark arts. 
 the sorting hat.

 mmm butterbeer.

pretty sure i spent the majority of the weekend speaking in a british accent
screaming wingardium leviosa
& expecto patronum.
i like to pretend im actually hermione.
(and by that i mean emma watson. sorry im not sorry?)

did i mention i have the best parents ever?
i miss them already.