Friday, April 13, 2012

the dead sea.

ya know, sometimes you just gotta do a little light reading while floating in the sea. and then cover yourself in mud, so the next day your skin feels miraculous.

the dead sea was the coolest experience. fun fact. it has 30% salinity. the ocean has 3.5%. you can actually stand up straight. you don't have to tread water or anything. you just bob there. you can lie on your stomach and nothing happens. it's like your body is a raft. if i wasn't having so much fun, i totally would've taken a nap. i loved this place. (let's be real, what place haven't i loved?) i could've stayed for hours. except then maybe i would have died. i hear the salt dehydrates you like crazy or something though. makes sense. i wouldn't know. huntsie dragged us out of there so we could go see the cave where the dead sea scrolls were found. i know, i know. my life is hard.

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