Monday, April 2, 2012

happy birthday irene.

nope. it's not an april fool's joke. and honestly, i think erin's birthday was more fun for me than my own birthday (and that's saying a lot). today was such a good day. we woke up and had a birthday breakfast celebration with the ludlow family, because it was also little miss marissa's birthday. then we walked and shopped through west j and into the old city, picked up a birthday falafel, and headed over to the palm sunday walk, and commemorated jesus' triumphal entry into jerusalem. we concluded the day wandering the old city and watching general conference. it is so nice to be back. i feel like we were gone for much too long. i loved spending all day in the city. and it helped that it was sunny and absolutely beautiful. happy birthday beautiful roomie! i love you more than you love sugar.

and now i'm off to snorkel in the red sea!


  1. 1. how nice of you to share your clothes with erin on her bday
    2. you got her the cheapo street candy!!
    3. i want that falafel
    4. i miss jru

  2. You and Erin are the most beautiful girls I've ever seen.

  3. erin is STUNNING and i love you behind your fancy camera.

  4. seriously, erin is the prettiest. i can't even handle it. i love love love you all.