Saturday, February 18, 2012

when i say pass, you say over.

thursday night we had our seder passover meal. don't ask me why we didn't have it on actual passover (actually i think it is because we're not in jerusalem over passover), but nonetheless, it was quite the experience. 

there was wine (grape juice) drinking, leaf eating, hand washing, unleavened bread breaking, lots of rituals, and singing.
and it wouldn't be a jerusalem center activity without rapping.
"when i say hala, you say kah. hala-kah!"
ah, my friends are so funny. 
we've been getting so much judaism culture lately. seder dinner on thursday and jewish synagogue to welcome in shabbat on friday. it's so fun learning about other religions and seeing the similarities between them all. 
shabbat shalom friends!

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