Thursday, February 16, 2012

ya herd?

on monday we took a field trip to the biblical gardens of neot ketuvim.
 all the professors said this was the most fun field trip of the semester,
but i feel like i hear that every week, so i was skeptical.
turns out they were right (at least so far).
i felt like i was i was on an elementary school field trip again.
 we ground hyssop 
(the plant that moses was told to use to spread the lamb's blood around the doors during passover).
it's also quite tasty with olive oil on pita.
 then we herded sheep.
yes, you heard me right. 
(herd, heard, ya herd...punny).
so entertaining. 
running around chasing sheep and goats
and trying to get them to follow us.
luckily i got in a group with kaitlyn who grew up on a farm herding sheep.
obviously we won. my family always taught me to choose my friends wisely :)
 just call me the sheep whisperer.
 then we made homemade pita.
no worries--the recipe is engrained in my head.
and finally, we saw a torah scribe in action.
we all got a feel for the world during biblical times,
and i got a feel for the sun.

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  1. bahaha ok monica. your team always wins, right? im so proud that you won sheep herding. its quite impressive.