Saturday, February 18, 2012

forbidden love.

last night we had our first dance in the jc. it was supposed to be on valentine's day, but we had a few midterms the day after and the professor's keep telling us this is a study abroad...psh. anyways, we moved the dance to friday, and it was the ultimate party.

dearest wesley did an excellent job dj-ing, and we all danced our little hearts out to miley, jb, backstreet boys, britney, and ended with "i'm sexy and i know it." the girl-to-guy ratio made for real entertainment. as you can see, there was even a mini re-enactment of crazy, stupid, love. not everyone can be ryan gosling. 
oh those ludlow boys, breaking all our hearts.
there's nothing like music and love to bring people together. after the dance, we stole the microphone and ended the night belting out karaoke style and dancing around the room.
happy valentine's day from the jc <3 i hope yours was filled with love.

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