Tuesday, January 17, 2012

two zero.

it's official. i'm 20.
and no longer a teenager.
(but i swear i'll never grow up)

today was a truly magnificent day.
possibly the best birthday i've ever had.

20 things to commemorate being 20.
1. roommate dance party to miley.
2. yet again being blown away in old testament with brother harper.
3. leading a mummy to the afterlife in ancient near east.
4. having marcie, erin, and mere walk into my room with a 1.5 liter of dc and the greatest present ever.
5. venturing out into the old city.
6. finding an amazing jeweler.
7. getting a free birthday scarf.
8. and another dc. 
9. walking home in the rain.
10. baking cookies with the ludlow family.
11. and eating so much cookie dough i still feel sick. (but i couldn't be happier about it)
12. laughing so hard in palestine that i don't even remember what we learned...oops.
13. getting a drawing from erin that marcie mistook for our professor.
14. writing a essay on a verse of scripture that edified me beyond belief.
15. getting emails, twitter mentions, and facebook notifications from the ones i love.
16. receiving 82 notes from my fellow jc friends. (including two mysterious love notes.)
17. a present from the sweetest girl ever--miss sarah beth.
18. a back massage from my thirteen year old boyfriend.
19. having the greatest friends and family in the whole world.
 20. celebrating in jerusalem.
i'm on top of the world. 


  1. Ahhh, it sounds perfect. Minus me not being there. Welcome to the Brooks club of celebrating your birthday in another country. It's my favorite.

    Oh, and tell me more about this jeweler!!!

  2. stop, i'm so sad I'm not there. Happy birthday my love.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM!! sorry i couldnt wish your happy birthday on your actual birthday because i didn't have internet so there it is! and i hope you got my card and if not it is on its way. i love you and miss you like crazy!!! happy 20th!