Tuesday, January 17, 2012

just can't get enough.

 we just keep going back to the dome of the rock.
i see it everyday, but i just can't pass it up.
 this group of nigerians were on a pilgrimage to the holy land
and wanted nothing more than to take pictures with us.

 french fries in my falafel?
yes please.
 we're not obsessed.
 the shuk.
everyday is an adventure.


  1. I'm sitting in a meeting and laughing hysterically. Please tell me you gave your new friends Gma's information. Oh I'm horrible. Mom is going to kill me :)

  2. hahahah SO FUNNY. dad said the same thing! i wish that had even come to mind when i met them. man i love our family. #whereisthewasher

  3. Is "#whereisthewasher" the new code word :) I like it. hahaha