Friday, January 27, 2012

day one.

this week we went on a mini vacation to jordan.
every day was jam packed with site seeing, picture taking, bus riding, singing, and dancing.
it was a nice break from school,
and so fun to be in a different country.
 the first day, we got on a bus way too early and spent hours crossing the border.
(& i felt like i was in veronica mars during the troy episodes)
our first stop was mount nebo,
where moses first looked out into the promised land.
this soldier came up to our tour guide and asked for a picture, 
so i thought he meant with my camera. (because that wouldn't be the first time)
turned out he wanted a picture with me on his camera.
brother ludlow ate that up & told me to give him my cell phone number.
(good thing i don't even know it.)
oh, my professors are seriously the best.

Then we went to Madaba 
and saw these ancient mosaic tiled floors.
 the churches here are so old and beautiful,
and the artwork is so intricate. 
it makes me wish people still put that much time into art and decoration.

then we went to the ancient palace of herod in Machaerus.
funny story. 
our bus stopped and brother ludlow pointed to the top of a mountain far away and point to the top of it. then he told erin and i, "that's where we're going."
erin and i just started dying laughing and said,
"oh brother ludlow..such a jokester."
then we started following brother harper,
and all of a sudden i realized...he wasn't joking.
then erin and i started dying laughing,
because we realized how ridiculous we were for thinking he was kidding.  

 so we hiked up our first mountain of the trip,
and went to the place where john the baptist was supposedly beheaded.

we ended the day with long bus ride to our hotel,
and immediately after dinner, 
the chefs and managers broke out their drums and flutes
and we had a huge dance party around the dining room.
party in petra.


  1. 1. I don't think I ever called our "field trips" in London vacation. Probably beacuse I felt like the whole semester was a vacation . . . every time you say it it cracks me up.
    2. I hate Troy.
    3. THE PARIS SWEATSHIRT!!!! How on earth did that make the suitcase! Bahahahhahaha
    4. You know that man really just wanted a picture with your sweatshirt :)
    5. People do still put that much time into art and decoration - you're just poor and don't have servants.
    6. So glad you proved you can hike the Y three times.
    7. I'm convinced all of these "erin" quotes are actually "samantha" quotes you are embarrased of!

  2. 1. we go on field trips like every day. so like the week long ones count as vacation okay?
    2. i love logan.
    3. haahahah i KNEW you would notice. hehe. that sweatshirts gonna see the world.
    4. #whitegirlproblems
    5. hahaha i swear erin says them! you would love her. seriously. making fun of her at least.