Friday, January 27, 2012

day two.

the ancient nabatean city carved out of sandstone rocks.
outside we were met by roman soldiers,
to which erin asked our ancient near east professor,
"are those real roman soldiers?"
his response: "yes. and they've been here for the last 2000 years."
(and this is why we love her so.)
then we walked through the siq. 
a natural passageway to the city carved out from water runoff.
 which immediately brings you to the treasury.
(which is apparently in indiana jones..but i wouldn't know because i've never seen it.)
 and i rode a camel!
apparently they all want to bite your head off.
and they're super tall.
 then we hiked 950 steps up to the monastery.
luckily it was super sunny and warm outside,
and the view wasn't so bad either.
maybe we took a million pictures...
 and on the way back down,
a bedouin man said, "oh no! you dropped something!"
to which i gasped and said, "what?"
his response: "my heart."
oh these men and their lines. too good.
 on the way out, we rode in style--by horse.
oh and this is what you get for giving your camera to a bunch of boys.
petra was possibly the coolest city i've ever been to.
i wish we could've stayed all day,
but it was off to amman for more adventures!


  1. i can't even get over how jealous of you i am! ahh looks so fun. miss chu!

  2. i love this! haha the erin line reminds me of the hangover "is this the real caesar's palace?"
    miss you!!!!!!

  3. but the real question is, did you count all 950 steps :)

  4. haha love you guys! obvi not kris. our tour guide told us. but i did get a nice cold dc on the way down :)

  5. 1. the real question is did you see megan fox or shia? it's in transformers too. duh.
    2. so those middle eastern men are smoother than mexicans, huh? but do they call you princessa?