Friday, January 27, 2012

day three.

the capital of jordan.
we started the day off at king abdullah's mosque,
where our tour guide, muhammad, taught us about islam. 
 it was a really cool experience.
the girls had to cover their heads in scarves and wear these black capes to cover ourselves,
and everyone had to take off their shoes before going in the mosque.
inside, we learned how muslims pray,
when they pray,
and who they pray to.
it amazed me how similar islam is to my religion,
and made me realize how ignorant i am.
 after the mosque, 
we went to an ancient citadel. 
it had the temple of hercules, 
so obviously all the girls gathered around posed like muses,
and sang "i won't say i'm in love."

 and the imitating of statues begins.
 then we went to the jabbok river, 
where jacob wrestled with a man in genesis 32.
it's so amazing to be able to read the old testament
and see the places we're studying at the same time.
we went to the ancient roman city of jerash.
we saw hadrian's gate,
 raced like horses in the arena,
(the little boys in the backround were definitely making fun of us)
 walked through caves and down ancient roads,
 and obviously recreated an ancient fountain.
when we got back to the hotel,
we hoped in a taxi and headed out for the town.
(and by the town i mean ice cream. that's all anyone wanted.)
kinder ice cream.
 you wanna know how good it was?
look at erin's face.
my roommates are the greatest.


  1. so proud of all of your movie quotes/songs/references. and statue poses

  2. ditto. it's so obvious you've had some serious practice in statue posing. hands down your's are best. no offense to your friends. it's hard to keep up with you.

  3. oh my gosh. Erin's face is SO priceless. Girl's got a problem.

  4. erin actually kills me. come back to me my jeru babies

  5. hahah rachel! i thought the exact same thing!