Monday, March 12, 2012

flat? just as god made me.

there was lots of driving and boat riding on this trip. the next day, we spent all morning driving and then took a ferry boat across the dardenelles. i'm pretty sure the first thing i said was "ah meredith and derek!" and then we proceeded to run from one end of the boat to the other like in pirates of the caribbean 3. let's just say our director wasn't too happy with the ruckus we were making. (we weren't the only people on the boat? strange.) the next time around, bailey and i ran around the boat cah-ing at the birds and shouting "say i'm a bird. say it!" sometimes we have a little too much fun.
troy. the city of the trojan war. the story of my high school mascot. the idea behind the epic bonfire in the o.c. the name of veronica's boyfriend at the beginning of season one. obviously, i am not obsessed with tv. and i was not excited at all about going to the city of troy. jokes. (not gonna lie, the horse was probably the best part, but it was still worth it.)
we showed up at the hotel to find out that it was directly on the beach. there were squeals of joy all over.i thought i couldn't be happier. until, i found out that our tour guide had organized a bonfire/dance party for us on the beach that night. i don't know that any dance party will top that one. ever. i was surrounded by 82 of my best friends, jamming to the excellent dj-ing of mr. wesley, and dancing on the beach. two most accurate songs of the night-- "dancing in the moonlight" and "the good life."

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