Tuesday, March 13, 2012

did ruined or ruins come first?

oh hey look, ancient roman ruins. i've never seen those before. assume model position.okay, but really. all of these sites are so amazing and beautiful, but sometimes the temples and theaters and columns kinda just blend together. it doesn't make the time we spend there any less enjoyable though. this one is assos. and it looked out to the island of lesbos. (the names still get me everytime.)

then we went to the ancient city of pergamon. we rode a cable car to the top and saw a dam on the journey (and the jokes kept coming).
we saw the temple of trajan, the steepest amphitheater of all time, and the "seat of satan," or where the throne of zeus would be if the berlin museum hadn't hijacked it.

that night, we arrived at our "cruise ship" hotel. it literally looked like a cruise ship, and it was on the beach. i experienced my first turkish disco. that's right. we clubbed to our hearts content. don't worry mom and dad--it was in the basement of our hotel and there were only two turkish men there who wouldn't have been interested in me anyways, but bryson needed to be looked out for. check that off the bucket list.   

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  1. how are you soooo freakn adorable all the way on the other side of the globe?? i miss you bad... and i want your boots. i graduate and seriously dono what i'm gonna be doing with my life while chase is studying for the DAT and in school all day... i need a playmate!! COME OUT HERE NOW AND KEEP ME BUSY!!! i'm serious...