Tuesday, February 14, 2012


last monday we had our field trip to the city of david,
where we journeyed through hezekiah's tunnel
and learned about the life of king david.
 we were all the epitome of fashion with our water shoes,  
but they actually came in handy as we marched through the tunnel. 
and of course there was dancing and singing of mulan's 
"let's get down to business, to defeat the huns"
(you can tell we don't like disney movies at all)
as we made our way through.
as we stood at this look out,
our professor informed us that this is probably where david was standing 
when he looked out and saw bathseba bathing.
i could hardly contain myself with laughter.
i won't go into detail about this story,
but this picture is for you sisters. 
here i am. bathing. just like bathseba.
(we just have so much in common.)
because there has been so much destruction and reconstruction in jerusalem,
there are few places still around where it is even possible that jesus would have walked;
however, these steps are at just the right level--at the pool of siloam.

Here is a poem Cassidy, one of the girls in our group, wrote about this spot.
Forever At His Feet
St. John 9:1-12

–He stopped for me.
On the corner of the street I lie with no sight-–
At His feet I plea.

“Who did sin?” ask the three
When they see my eyes clouded by forever night.
–He stopped for me.

Astounded that I was chosen when you didn’t leave;
My hands search for Him in my delight.
At His feet I plea.

Spittle made from clay, and I believe;
His thumbs anoint mine eyes, my wretchedness despite.
–He stopped for me.

“Go wash in the pool of Siloam,” directs He.
As I washed, came colors to my vision bright:
At His feet I plea

Through His love He has made me free
Never will I forget the man in White who showed me light.
–He stopped for me.
At His feet I will plea.


  1. bahahahahaha. be bathseba. LOVE it. i would have been disappointed if you hadn't documented this. thanks for that.

  2. i would expect nothing less from you. you look so bathseba-ish.

  3. also is that cassidy lang? she was in my 'class for kids who kant reed good' last semester. tell her i say hi and miss her! and miss you of course.

  4. also just realized your face was in a little cutout of the poster? i was wondering what the rando picture was. seriously stop making me miss you you are so funny.

    p.s. diggin the royal blue crews marcie and erin <3

  5. yes cassidy lang! that is so fun. she's so great. hahahah glad you caught that. knew you'd appreciate it. miss you all

  6. bhahahahaha . . . we are blowing that picture up and framing it!

    and @melissa . . . how could you have missed that beauty :)