Friday, February 10, 2012

10 cow wife.

yesterday, my obsession with pita and hummus got the best of me...(again).
after seven hours of class on wednesday, i had to get out. 
so right after class on thursday, sarah, mere, cam, and i 
went to abu shukri.
(supposedly the best hummus place in the city--that's still up for debate)
and as we were about to leave, i turned around to get up 
and this man says to cam, "i'll give you 20 camels for her. you can have my brother too."
don't worry. it didn't bother me at all that i was considered cam's property.
no no. of course not. obviously my first thoughts were,
"20 camels. woah. that's gotta be better than 10 cows right?"
take that mahana. 


  1. bahaha. oh em gee. im dying. i love that he offered his brother. he really wanted you. well done.

  2. Funniest story ever. This made me laugh out loud, literally. SO glad you are having such a great time!! Miss you!