Sunday, January 8, 2012


 i am finally here!
(after a very long plane ride &
some serious jet-lag.)
it's only been four days, and i already feel at home.
this is seriously the most beautiful city in the world. 
i am in love.
 the spirit, the religion, & the people continue to amaze me.
yesterday was sabbath, 
so after church we ventured over to the garden tomb.
regardless of their religion
everyone here has such strong faith. 
muslims, christians, and jews all came to see the burial place of Christ.
women weep over marble slabs that are said to have been where his body was laid.
people light candles, burn incense, & carry the cross through the streets.
the call to prayer rings throughout the city 5 times a day
(including once at 4 am).
you can't walk down a single street without being able to identify someone's religion.
no matter what religion each of the individuals are, everyone holds true to their beliefs.
it's incredible.
the spirit is so strong. 
and the people are so amazing.
i think this place gets a bad rap. 
marcie and i on the balcony. 
there is not a place in the center that does not overlook the city.

i really am in the holy land.
i could not be happier 
& it's only just begun.

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  1. Do I see matching skirts? Is that how you knew you'd have a friend :)