Sunday, January 8, 2012


i had my first one today--i'm obsessed. 
today is a free day,
so naturally, we all packed our bags and took on the city. 

 we followed the via dolorosa.
(which is supposedly the path Jesus walked on the way to his crucifixion)
and walked inside all sorts of beautiful churches.
 we went to the western wall, or the wailing wall
(& i felt like i was right back in ms. pudar's class).
 and finally, we stopped at the dome of the rock.
the intricacy of the artwork and architecture here is actually out of this world.

highlights of today:
riding on the public bus
& being so obviously out of place i couldn't help but laugh.
and having a man yell "you looking for husband? i'm looking for wife."
and the two guys with us responding "hey, so are we!"

is this real life?
i'm still not sure.


  1. YAY PICTURES! of course you guys are dressed perfectly at all times. love you!!!!!!

  2. 1. falafel, really? and you liked it?
    2. aren't you glad you brought your boots and that blazer. you can thanks me later.
    3. love you!!