Wednesday, August 3, 2011

playing mom.

oops. it's been a while. 

well i've had a real hard summer. and by that i mean....i am ridiculously blessed.

my summer "job" has consisted of watching my cousins two kids on an almost daily basis.
this little face wakes me up every morning. 

our days usually go like this:
breakfast. reading time. get ready for the pool. qt. pool. lunch. movie.

its been really hard on me.
i think i can be quoted saying,
"this is the hardest part of my day" while putting sunscreen on them.

but i continue to suffer for a good cause: my skin.
really. i am quite pale. you should see me. 

today, however, i decided to switch up the routine a bit.
so we crafted.

we melted some crayons.
&created silhouettes.

 i love this picture.

don't let them fool you.
they're only angels for about 5 minutes out of the day.

yup, that's more like it. 

 the finished products. 

they were supposed to be just silhouettes, 
but they were adamant about having their picture on there too. 
then they found the whole thing hilarious because it looked like they were "kissing themselves."

my little munchkins.

they wanted a "family portrait" with sparticus.

ah these two have been too much. 
from calling me "mommy" in public
to "let's have a naked dance party"
to peeing in the front yard, (yes...that happened)
parenting is quite the adventure.
&one i am no where near ready for yet.

thank you summer "job" for being my personal form of birth control.


  1. What, are the kids back in school and you're unemployed now?

  2. thank you summer "job" for being my personal form of birth control.

    these pics make me so happy. love those children.

  3. oh my gosh. naked dance party. hahaha

  4. kris, have i ever been employed? that would require getting paid. and elly bby, of course. come over.

  5. hahaha umm... i love you. our children will be best friends.
    & we're gonna be freakn good parents.
    i'm totally gonna be "the ice cream mom"