Saturday, May 28, 2011

so proud.

here's my little best friend montage:

we met in sixth grade. we became best friends.
she thought i was annoying. i was obsessed with her.
she wore "i'd rather be on vacation--abercrombie" shirts.
and i was jealous because darla refused to let me go into that store. 
[i know, i lived a hard life.]

we had sleepovers every week.
we watched what i like about you, lilo & stitch, avatar, hannah montana,
and ate frozen capri suns.
we did a school project using barbies. 
she wrote "i love ......" on my hand, and a week later i wrote it on hers.

she's been there for me through everything.
my first boyfriend.
my first kiss. [i literally ran over to her seconds after it happened..embarrassing]
my first second car.
the worst times of my life, and the best

we've been separated for too long, but luckily she has fancy technology and would walk around with me via skype on her phone.
she has always been just a phone call away.
the days that school was just too hard, or homesickness really got to me,
i knew just who to call.

i love you with all my heart smelly. 
and i could not be more proud of you for living your dream.
it's about time the rest of the world sees you for just how perfect you are.

see you on the season finale. i'll be in the audience <3


  1. Frozen Capri Sun! Wow I had forgotten about those :)

    Wait, Melanie can dance? Lava

  2. frozen capri suns!! ah i forgot too!
    "my first car... and my second" ohhh so fun haha.
    but seriously more to the point of your post haha, she's amazing.

  3. Melanie is my favorite. Every time I watch sytycd I feel like I know her because I know you.

  4. ah marcie! that makes me so happy! i miss your beautiful self!