Wednesday, August 18, 2010

thank you caisa.

thank you sister for reminding me of that fabulous cabo trip. and also how much i loved mexico. mostly because they always reminded me of how pretty they thought i was. or they called me princessa. i miss that. but that reminded me of last night, so i thought i would share.

last night was just like any other night. mom, darla as she is better known, dragged me along to the braves game with her because my father refused to go for the 4302948th time. i went in good spirits hoping the game would pass quickly. or they'd at least win. which, thankfully, they did. but the night turned out to be much like mexico. in that it boosted my self-esteem. i now love turner field. but not quite as much as i love love love mexico. the skin color might have something to do with it. anyways, back to the story. so darla and i are walking through the blue lot toward the stadium and these two boys in a pick up truck roll down their window and say, "hey! you're cute." i blush and say, "haha, thanks." mom goes, "don't you wish you weren't with me right now?" to which i responded, "no. that actually makes me very glad i'm with you right now." self-esteem meter is wavering between relatively high and high as of this point.

we continue on into turner field and around the 5th inning, i go for my 5th inning stretch (yes i know it's the 7th inning stretch; however, high school baseball only has 7 innings, so this year i created a 5th inning stretch for high school games. anywho..) ice cream run. naturally as we're walking up the stairs the braves decide to hit a homerun, so darla must stop and turn around to watch the game (granted they did score two more runs, but still..she's obsessive). i just wanted my ice cream so i took the money and walked over to the  mayfield ice cream place where i found myself behind two stumbling college aged boys. i laughed at how incredibly inebriated they were and patiently waited my turn. all of a sudden the one boy walks over to the other boy and says, "yeah she's pretty." and the other looks at me and goes, "yeah." no big deal, it's cool i can hear them. they're not speaking quietly. the worker looks at me and laughs with me. then one of them comes up to me and goes, "what're you getting? i'll make him buy it for you." to which i die laughing and say, "haha, i'm just getting a chocolate ice cream." as i'm waiting for my ice cream the boys turn to leave and the one puts his hand on the small of my back and says, "have a good night." i could not stop laughing as they stumbled away. i returned to my mother who greets me with, "once i saw those boys over there i knew i shouldn't have let you go alone."

hahaha, oh what a life i live. needless to say, i no longer hate braves games :)


  1. this is the stuff you need to blog about more often! i laughed out loud multiple times. i LOVE that you created a 5th inning stretch for HS games. you are great.

  2. if only we could all be as beautiful and popular as you!