Sunday, September 6, 2009

kids say the darndest things.

Today my mother and i had to pick up these two little girls to come to church with us because the rest of their family was sick. During sacrament meeting one of the sister missionaries got up to bear her testimony and the 4 year old Eliza tapped me on the shoulder.

Eliza: "Did we get her now?"
Me: "Yep, it looks like she's new."
Eliza: "So does that mean we dont have Sister Chipman anymore?"
I turned to my mother and asked if that was the one she replaced and she said yes.
Me: "I guess not :("
Eliza: "So did we sell her for the new one?"

hahahaha. i died laughing. right there in the middle of the meeting. yup folks, it looks like missionaries are actually slaves. My mom went on to tell the entire ward including the bishop who thought it was equally hysterical. Why can't I sit next to a 4 year old every sunday?

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  1. So great.

    And Sam, you can - just go sit next to her. It's really that simple :)