Sunday, June 21, 2009

per shannan's request.

This is for you Shannan. I know I havent updated in a while, shocking I know. But I like these surveyish things and I can't sleep. So read as you wish; however, I will admit there is nothing witty in this one. Sorry folks.

Eight things I'm looking forward to:
1. EFY .
2. The bea ch.
3. My sisters comi ng home.
4. Meeting Lauren Conrad.
5. Not being sick anymore.
6. Being a senior a nd going on my graduation trip.
7. My TV shows starting again.
8. Hawaii.

Eight things I did this weekend:
1. YC.
2. Sle pt.
3. Went to t he lake.
4. Watched Twilight.
5. Tal ked.
6. Ate pizz a.
7. Slept.
8. YC .

Eight things I wish I could do:
1. Be an olympic gymnast.
2. Go to Africa with Tom Shoes or Invisible Children. Preferably both.
3. Be a Disney Princess.
4. Eat like a normal person.
5. Go on shopping spree. (or dare i say..another one)
6. Never shave.
7. Graduate and move out of GA.
8. Become a vampire and fall in love with Edward.

Eight shows that I watch:
1. Veronica Mars.
2. Grey's Anatomy. (watching it as we speak actually)
3. Gossip Girl.
4. One Tree Hill.
5. The Hills.
6. Greek.
8. 90210.

Eight Places I'd like to travel:
1. Dubai.
2. Greece.
3. Australia.
4. Portugal.
5. Milan.
6. Paris.
7. Japan.
8. Budapest.

Eight people I tag:
1. Kelli.
2. Kristan.
3. Caisa.
4. Amy.
5. Whitney.
6. Im pretty sure no one else reads my blog..
7. ...

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  1. Become a vampire and fall in love with Edward. Nice Sam. Nice.