Sunday, October 14, 2012


My lately has consisted of: 1. Birthday celebrations for my beautiful roommate Jill. Also, I saw her in Thriller this weekend, and oh my that girl is AMAZING. 2. Baking and baking and baking some more. It is actually getting out of hand. I've been trying all these new recipes lately though, and they are just so good. The entire loaf of pumpkin chocolate chip bread was actually gone in one night and the funfetti cookies might just be my new favorite form of chocolate chip cookie. 3. BYU/SA and school and more school. 4. Drinking too much Diet Coke, but I mean it is Monopoly at McDonald's, and if there is anything I learned from my childhood, it is that Monopoly at McDonald's means you have to go everyday and you will win eventually. 5. Living the dream, living with my best friend. And life is about to get even more exciting real soon. 

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  1. Real soon! Let me guess . . . you're getting married!!