Sunday, October 28, 2012

sister, sister.

i love my sisters. and i love when my sisters come to visit me. and i love that my sisters love me enough to come visit me. there's just a lot of love when my sisters are involved. i've got the greatest sisters around. so much so that just about every one of my friends is vying for a spot in my family. the 6th daughter is a pretty coveted spot. the best thing about sisters weekends is that there is always lots of baking and diet coke--my two favorite things. combine that with people who think i'm hilarious, and how could it not be the best time of my life?

speaking of other sisters...after three years, amy and i are finally living in the same state again, and i've never been happier. we inaugurated the experience with a batch of sugar cookies. i think chase will be very happy to have us baking for him on a weekly basis.


  1. It's so true - that 6th sister spot is so coveted. I wonder why guys don't want in just as badly :) . . . too bad we don't have brothers!

  2. I love my girls! So glad you could get together. Thanks for posting the photos! Heart you!