Monday, July 30, 2012

the diet coke olympics.

The other day, Kristan and I were listening to Radio Disney (Judge away, but it was in her car. Actually, as soon as I got in and saw that it was on, I told her it just added to the list of reasons why I love her so much.), and the DJ asked people to call in and say what they could win a gold medal for--being the best talker, tv watcher, and one direction lover were all legit responses. After the weekend in NYC, I decided we could win for being the best diet coke drinkers. And after watching the opening ceremonies, Courtney decided it was time for us to reenact the running in with, lighting up, and raising of the torch. Sometimes, we think we're hilarious.

These could win awkward family photo awards, but I really think Diet Coke should start sponsoring us.

Let the games begin. Happy Olympics everyone.


  1. yup, these photos are as bad as i thought they would be when we were taking them. oh dear. but i do love diet coke, and there is no shame in that.

  2. I LOVE it!! I'm sure I qualify!

  3. ok, you're seriously so pretty, stop!

  4. okay, you're all ridiculous. but you know this. and i knew this already. and i want my gold medal, too.