Thursday, June 28, 2012

every day should be a day dedicated to dads.

I have the greatest dad in the whole world. And he better know I believe it. Seriously.

My sister, Kristan, came up with the bright idea to make my dad dinner for Father's Day. It started out being, "Oh let's ship him this fabulous frozen meal, and then we can have make Mom prepare it, and we'll be the greatest daughters of all time." Until, the realization hit-- "Sam, you'll be home! You can make him the dinner!" Then it turned into, "Let's buy dad lobster! He loves lobster!" 

Being a vegetarian and all, I thought...yes, brilliant idea. Please let me go to the store and pick up these innocent little creatures and listen to them their little claws scratch the sides of the cardboard box they're shoved into the whole drive home. (I know, I know. I'm being dramatic. Me? Never.) Then let me cook them. There's just something about shoving a live lobster head first into a pot of boiling water that seems inhumane. I dunno, that's just me.

But Daddy was happy, G-Dawg (Grandma) found way too much pleasure letting them run around on the kitchen floor, and watching my cousin, Courtney, try it for the first time made the whole experience worth it. If he didn't know it before, he better know it now. I'd do anything for ya dad (and I know you do everything for me). You really are the absolute best dad in the whole world. I love you.

And the entire dinner kind of reminded me of this. If for nothing other than they were eating lobster too (and those lobster claw hand puppet things in the background).
via youtube.
And we can't forget....Dad's really do know best. When there's a pause in conversation, we can always talk about Diet Coke.

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