Saturday, April 21, 2012

how did that happen?

the last day in jerusalem. the most bittersweet feeling of my entire life. we made sure to soak it all in on our very last day. we started the morning off at the dome and proceeded to put our final prayers in the wall. then we hit up marzipan and got one last falafel. just about everyone had gathered at the austrian hospice to eat, and it was such a beautiful day that we all just sat there and listened to the sounds of the city and heard the call to prayer one last time. we had to be back in the center by 3 to finish packing and cleaning up. i used that time to make cookies with the ludlow family one more time. it was a long and emotional day. i was so happy and excited, yet sad and anxious and depressed. as we got on the bus and drove away from the center, i felt a part of my heart stay at the jc.

how did it get here? the last day. it feels like yesterday that we were jet lagged and pulling into the city for the very first time. well i'm jet lagged again, but now i look outside my window and see mountains and roads instead of the city and churches. where am i? i feel lost. i don't know where the dome is or where all my friends are. i don't know what to do with my time. my days don't revolve around meal times anymore, and i have absolutely no schedule. i feel so out of place. i know i lived before jerusalem, but for some reason it is almost impossible to imagine life outside of jerusalem. i feel like i'm living in a dream. america does have its perks though. like clean bathrooms, more than just one week's worth of clothing, mexican food, yogurtland, free refills, cell phones, and my friends and family. it's funny the things that make me notice how long i've been gone for--like how seeing couples holding hands or knee-length skirts makes me do a double take. i really am happy to be back. i'm happy to be in america, but i am seriously missing my jerusalem family and my jerusalem home.


  1. completely agree to everything you just said!

  2. We feel so bittersweet for you and so honored to have you as our friend and that you would put us in your last day. I'm craving cookie dough but can't bring myself to want to make it without you! So hard to think of you not knocking and just walking in our door at any time!

  3. well said. I love you. And seeing you tonight made my entire weekend.