Saturday, March 24, 2012

i have the greatest family in the world.

my mom, dad, kelli, and kristan all came to visit me last week! i have the greatest family in the whole entire world! (and no, not just because they brought me an entire suitcase full of goldfish, girl scout cookies, cookie dough ingredients, and darla's homemade sugar cookies. although, it definitely sways my opinion.) i honestly felt like a child on christmas morning. (which also could have been because i was in bethlehem two days before.) as i was sitting on my bed waiting for them to come, i told erin, my roomie, that it felt like it was 4 am and my parents had told me i couldn't wake them up until 7 to go downstairs and open presents.

once they finally made it, i dragged them all around jeru. we started out not getting lost and not complaining about how freezing cold it was. (now everyone in the jc knows where i get it from) we went to as many churches and ate as much falafel and hummus as i could squeeze in our short couple days together.

we went to the city of david, and i think i might forever be condemned for bringing them through hezekiah's tunnel. i swear i only remember the water coming up just past my ankles last time. i didn't realize that meant to kristan's waist. oh, and sorry about your head dad. but hey, it was fun and i was laughing the entire time.
it was such an exciting weekend. they even kidnapped me and took me to their hotel one night. (note to self: room service on shabbat is a nightmare.) i got to walk around the city with my family, show them all my favorite places, and introduce them to all my jc and old city friends.

it could not have been a better weekend. our group was leaving for galilee on monday, so sadly, i had to say goodbye after three short days. but no worries, because i ran into them on my field trip the very next morning! such a pleasant surprise. a little something i like to call a jru miracle.


  1. um so remember that one time at the chinese restaurant when i found out you were going to disney with mom and dad and i maybe cried? maybe the same thing just happened reading this blogpost. so glad you had so much fun w/them! and so incredibly jealous.

    ps that last pic is fantastic. you all look so great.

  2. so fun!!! miss you and you look beauuuuutiful

  3. i love you. i love these pictures. i loved seeing you twice more! i miss jru. i'll even forgive you for hezekiah's tunnel.