Saturday, February 4, 2012

arabian nights.

wednesday night was arab night!
right after arabic class,
 everyone put on their best arab outfit
(channeled our inner jasmine and aladdin)
and met in the forum for the call to prayer and reading of the koran.
 the men from the al-asqa mosque
(the 3rd most sacred mosque to the muslims)
came and performed it for us.
afterward, we had a huge feast
(aka i had hummus and pita) 
 and then we went to dance!
these kids from our arab teacher's school came 
and taught us an arab folk dance
with moves like "taxi" and "airplane" 
(and jagger).
obviously it just turned into a big dance party,
and i couldn't resist just standing in one place and shaking my hips 
(the coins on my skirt make a real fun noise.
yes i realize i'm a five-year-old)
megan had a matching on and her goal was to become shakia by the end of the night.
(hispanic...arabic...gypsy? we're all a little confused with our nationalities)

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