Wednesday, December 14, 2011

party like it's 1999.

The 90's.
 Those were some good years.
All That.
Saved by the Bell.

I remember "staying up late" on Fridays to watch 
Boy Meets World with my sisters
and secretly watching the original 90210 with Kristan
when Mom and Dad weren't around.
(or when my Dad yelled at us and said that 10 Things I Hate About You 
was NOT allowed in this house) 

I remember jamming to Britney, N'Sync,
and mostly BSB 
in the red mustang.
Without fail, every time "let's raise the roof" was sung,
we would throw our hands in the air and shout,
"There is none!"
(so clever kristan.)

I remember collecting every beanie baby
McDonalds offered,
crying when my sister's boyfriend threw my Furby 
against a wall to silence it (forever),
and spending my entire gymnastics practice worried that my
Tamagotchi would be dead by the time i got home.

Thanks to the great community that is Provo,
I've been able to reminisce on these great moments.
In honor of 90's appreciation week,
a dance party was held.
So I channeled my inner Kelly Kapowski,
and loved every second of it.

90's parties call for the best outfits,
biggest hair, and greatest songs.
Oh, and dancing like Will and Carlton of course.

here's a little something to make you nostalgic.
i was obsessed with this song.
Happy 90's. 
As if!

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