Monday, May 16, 2011


i'm still in utah. post wedding and florida i have come to find that with spring comes a lot of free time. im taking two whole classes, so there goes mondays and wednesdays. but uh.. what about the five other days of the week? last week i spent it lying by the pool soaking up the sunshine's rays. this week's forecast: rain. hence the predicament. i've decided i'm going to become a bookworm. and so here it goes.

first: water for elephants
i won't go see the movie until i've read the book. and i really want to see the movie. robert pattinson? yes please.
next: perks of being a wallflower

i hear a movie is coming out with nina dobrev and emma watson. 
okay perfect wizard and vampire combo.
next: the help

too many raging reviews to not read it. but im not gonna lie, the length intimidates me.
finally: the other hand

miss amy hanson suggested it. so obvi it's on the list.

catch ya when they're finished.


  1. i wanted to read water for elephants too but i went ahead and saw the movie and loved it! but i heard the book was a little disappointing. i LOVED the help. so so good and so worth the length it actually goes by so fast! love you miss you need to see you soon beautiful!

  2. gooooood books. i loved the help. so much. it will make you cry. and the other hand.. i think it is called something else in america. i saw it at the book store the other day with a different title..

    tell me what you think of water for elephants. my roomie jus read it and liked it. i am reading a heartbreaking work of staggering genuis right now.. put it on the list. also, women, food & god by geneen roth. cheesy but... real good.

  3. yeah... i attempt to read amazing books... but i end up just going to the movies. with that said, water for elephants was so good!! rob <3 but yeah.. maybe i can be inspired to read again with all these suggestions haha