Thursday, April 14, 2011

snack runs.

caisa left for hungary and with her departure, she left me her car. 
i can't complain. 
but also i can't say i'm not taking full advantage of it.

being the week before finals, we've all been a bit stressed.
staying up to absurd hours, locking ourselves in our rooms to study, then coming out in the middle of the night to be social (aka running off to see boys)..
all of these things are making these last few weeks quite the comedy show.

last saturday night we'd all stayed in for the night. rare occassion--we know. 
so..1 o'clock rolls around and we decide we want diet coke.
that's when it all started

sam: "hey guys, are you ready to go get snacks?"
sarah: "yeah let's go!"
melissa: "i thought we were getting diet coke.."
sam: "yeah we are."
 melissa: "so by snacks you mean...?"
sam & sarah: "diet coke."

hahaha obviously food and diet coke equate to the same thing.

we pull up to the drive through and place three separate orders. yeah that's right (we all only have cards). 
"what would you like on the first order?"
"large diet coke."
"what would you like on the second order?"
"a large diet coke."
"okay..and what would you like on the third order?"
"a large diet coke." "oh and a hot chocolate." "wait..can you go back to the second order and put a hot chocolate on that one too?" 

hahahah this is real life. so then we pull through. get our drinks. and park. 
after we finish our first round of diet cokes, we proceed to go inside for refills. 
the hilarity continues.

"can i get a sample of fries?" [yes. that's right. a sample. from mcdonalds. as if you've never had one before..]

 the lady didn't even let it phase her. she just walked right back and put 6 fries in a tiny fry bag. 

 the perfect number. split it between the 3 of us and we each got 2. 

SO funny.
these are my friends.
we are the harvard sailing team. 

almost every night since we have made a "snack run" to mickey d's. 
and the convos just keep getting funnier and funnier. 


  1. We are sisters. For sure. I love - and fully support - your "snack" runs!

    However this is the order I expected: "One large Diet Coke and a hot fudge sundae . . . extra hot fudge."

  2. too good. seriously. TOO GOOD. long live the snack runs.

  3. i have to second what kristan said.. always with extra hot fudge.
    but a sample of mickey d french fries?? what da what. that is ridiculous & i'm trying it tonight