Tuesday, March 15, 2011

and after all these years..

i finally understand. now unlike kristan, i try not to blog about diet coke (i blog about my obsession with cookies instead), but this time i'm giving in. last week i had three tests and i had yet to get around to studying for any of them (shocking i know). well my dearest friend melissa decided i needed to be dragged to the library. the long walk back up to campus at night time was just not sitting well with me. but then... she bribed me. with this: a large diet coke.
now i've been reading for years about kristan's struggles with a caffeine-free campus and her constant need for diet coke (hiding cans in lockers, etc.) and now i can finally relate. so funny watching melissa freak out as she hid it under her jacket so we could sneak it past the rent-a-cop sercurity guards (who take their job way too seriously by the way) and into the library. let me just say the whole 5th floor was jealous. well kristan, it's official. i win. and i'm turning into you. 

apparently all it takes is a large diet coke and i'm wherever you want me to be. 


  1. love this. love you. love diet coke. <3

  2. wow sammy you are a slow learner. a large diet coke with easy ice is like pure gold. but i thought you knew this already?

  3. i'm crying. i miss you so much already.