Monday, July 12, 2010

the end of an era.

it's official. after 2 seasons of laguna beach and 6 seasons of the hills it is all coming to an end. tomorrow night is the last episode ever. it has been a wonderful 6 years. i have loved following the lives of kristin and lauren from their friendships with talan, trey, jessica, and jen bunny to their friendships with lo, audrina, stephanie, frankie, and the beloved, psychotic speidi. thank you all for always sharing your boyfriends (stephen, jason, brody, and justin bobby) so no one new really ever had to be introduced in the show. thank you for allowing me to watch the train wreck that is called your lives, so i can make fun of your stupidity (like when stephanie said her guinea pig started out as a hampster) and realize that a boy who bathes is an upgrade. thank you lauren for painting your nails black and making me think it was the coolest thing ever. thank you brody for creating phone contacts like "amanda wanna bang" and "britney canada whore." thank you kristen for saying "ste-ven!" a million times and for re-appearing out of thin air and just being who you are, which still makes me want to be you 4 years later. thank you for 102 episodes that proved to be a fabulous waste of my time. now i will patiently wait for the audrina show, expected to air the beginning of next year. 

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