Saturday, June 26, 2010

it's begun.

i just said goodbye to my best friend delsa green. she is the first of all of my friends to leave me and it is SO  weird to think that it is actually happening. we are actually leaving. we're leaving each other. we are going to college. things are never going to be the same. it is weird, but it is here. i cant believe i'm old enough to be here, and i can't believe that this is my life. i've watched my sisters and friends leave and move on with their lives, but it was never supposed to be me. now it is and i don't know that i can truly take it in. it's crazy how fast time flies. im on an emotional roller coaster of fear, excitement, freedom, depression, exhilaration, nervousness, anxiety, and about any other feeling one can have. i am interested to see what life holds for me in the future, but im not sure im ready to say goodbye to the life i know i love quite yet. but i've just done it. it's the end of an era my friends..

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